Pet Health Care Services 

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At Kirksvets we provide a wide range of healthcare services to ensure your pet stays in the best of health.

Vaccination - major infectious diseases affecting dogs, cats and rabbits can be prevented by vaccination.

Booster - we provide a free booster reminder service supporting our belief that annual boosters are a vital part of maintaining your pet's health. At the same time body systems are checked thoroughly and recommendations are made to help maintain and improve your pet's quality of life.

Dental Health Programme - dental care reduces tooth and gum disease, keeping your pet's mouth healthy and pain free. It also reduces the chances of mouth infections spreading to heart, liver, kidneys or other organs.

Weight reviews and Obesity Clinics (as seen on Television) - overfeeding can be as damaging as underfeeding. Regular weight checks help to keep your pet healthy and active, reducing the chances of other diseases developing. Our past obesity clinics have been so successful that we have been featured on Local Television.

Neutering - unwanted puppies, kittens, rabbits, seasons and other sexually related problems can be prevented by neutering at the appropriate time.

Identichip - a micro-chip placed just under the skin provides permanent identification which helps to reunite your pet in cases of loss or theft.

Worming Advice - all dogs, cats and other pets need regular worming with the frequency depending on their particular age and lifestyle. The drugs available from your Vet are much more effective than those from other sources.

Flea Control - most cats and dogs are exposed to fleas due to central heating and modern lifestyles. We can help you select the most effective, safe and suitable products for flea control depending on your situation.

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