Puppy Parties 

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Puppy Parties are currently running at our Sleaford practice on the first Tuesday Evening of the month and run by our RVN Hayley. 

Grantham parties will be coming soon!!!!

Start your puppy off on the right paw by bringing them to one of our puppy parties run by an experienced nurse.

These parties are for young puppies (from 12 to 16 weeks old) who have been fully vaccinated. The parties enable your puppy to learn to socialise at a receptive age and are also designed to introduce young dogs to the Veterinary environment, from the waiting room to being examined to the kennels. Experience has shown us that when our puppy party dogs come for their boosters the following year they are not as scared or timid as other dogs, as they had a pleasurable experience previously. 

Ask at Reception (call 01529 303344) about these parties as soon as you get your puppy. Puppy Parties are fun for both the dog and the owner.