Kirks Vets - Sleaford Surgery 

Kirks Vets are open 7 days a week
2 Lions Way Telephone: 01529 303344
East Road Fax: 01529 304790
Sleaford Email:
Lincs NG34 8GN  

If you need a quick response please ring rather than email. Our online appointment making system is not currently available. Please telephone to make an appointment.

Surgery Hours





07.30 - 19.00


Saturday 08.00 - 14.00
Sunday 08.00 - 14.00

Sleaford Surgery Map

The Sleaford Surgery on Lions Way opened in May 2002 having previously been at Highfield on East Road for around 80 years. The £500,000 Surgery has been a huge success since its grand opening where the Town Mayor made a very nice personal address about the Surgery to the open day attendees.

The Surgery has a large open waiting room and retail area with an informative plasma screen. Three consulting rooms are available for appointments with the Vets and Nurses who have access to the dispensary and the in house laboratory where we can get vital results within minutes, for anything which we can't do ourselves we have a nightly courier service to ensure our samples take priority with the lab first thing in the morning. Beyond this we have a spacious Prep Room which leads off to the two operating theatres and digital x-ray suite.

We have separate dog and cat wards so the patients are kept as calm as possible, we also use Pet Remedy diffusers in the kennels. We have a mix of walk in kennels for the larger dogs and for our smaller patients stainless steel cages of the highest standard.

We have an enclosed yard with a grassed area for exercising the day patients. We also have a grooming room within the main building and outside we have an isolation ward for animals with infectious conditions, so they are kept away from other patients. We also have a fully licensed Pet Crematorium so we can personally continue to care for your animals until the very end. Upstairs we have a staff room, kitchen, showers, meeting rooms and offices, the building is air conditioned and has a large car park with disabled spacing.